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Brendan Eich - Co-founder / CEO Brave Software and Attention Token. Co-founder Mozilla & Firefox. Created JavaScript Ep #12

Episode Summary

Brendan talks briefly about his background (Javascript creator & Mozilla co-founder) and then jumps right into how Brave gives you back the power with unmatched speed, security, and privacy. This episode is a must-listen.

Episode Notes

This is a special episode. Brendan Eich stopped by our recording studio in San Francisco a few weeks ago. During his visit, he and Anatoly sat down for over an hour to cover a broad range of topics. We start off the recording with a highlight of Brendans many accolades and achievements - creator of Javascript, co-founder of Mozilla/Firefox and most recent the CEO of Brave Software. 

Through Brave, Brendan and team are working to reinvent the way online advertising is handled. Opting to gave the power to the everyday user, you, instead of the advertisers.  

Episode timestamps coming soon*